easy steps to be Happy!

It is really weird how many people are feeling down these days. Is it global warming? Is it the lack Wiis in the market? No, it is not. Most people are depressed just because it is the easiest way to live. When you are depressed you just eat, shit, and sleep …pretty much, this is it. You do not have to put any effort in meeting new people or doing new stuff.

To be happy, you have to do some work. The following are the easist steps to feel it:

1) Sleep enough. It is hard to enjoy anything if you are tired. You should sleep around 7-10 hours.

2) Be around people most of the time. Do not get used to isolation.

3) keep a smile on your face, even if you do not feel good. Smiling is catchy…

4) Do not do something you do not like. You always have the choice to leave…you are free.

5) Show your appreciation to the people around you…simply by saying “Thank you”

6) do not try to find “the meaning of life” because there is not any. It is a simple thing … you live, enjoy it , and die.

7) Do not try to like everyone around you. Hatred is not a bad thing.

This is it. Be happy.

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8 thoughts on “easy steps to be Happy!

  1. While going in a logical path, this thread is a total bullshit. If you were next to me when I read this you would’ve gotten your nick chopped off. Seriously, this is how I understood your points:

    -point number 4:”Do not do something you do not like. You always have the choice to leave…you are free.”
    If that’s the case then I really would love to not “1) Sleep enough” and never “2) Be around people most of the time. Do not get used to isolation.” and also I don’t really like to “3) keep a smile on your face” and neither “5) Show your appreciation”.

    I don’t want to sleep enough because there’s much to do when you’re awake then when you’re asleep. I don’t like to be around people because people are either boring, stupid or annoying. I always liked the feeling of thinking that others are inferior to me (not that I feel this way but the feeling is buffing). I do try to keep a smile on my face but lately I began to feel that I’m forcing it out and it’s becoming a tiresom thing to do. “Do not do something you do not like” excuse me!! How old are you again? If you think that you can get away with not doing things you don’t like in your life then I feel sorry for myself that I commented on your post. I’m gonna skip point 5 because it has nothing to do with me. point 6: I’ve never tried to.. Actually this point sounds very logical to me. as for “Hatred is not a bad thing”… to that I say “Hatred is a good thing” but so far in my life I grew to feel that nothing and no one deserves that I bestow my hatred upon it/him/her. I just get disturbed and then start to feel pitty for them.

  2. well, you wanna stay awake ? you said you are fuckin’ depressed …why do not you wanna sleep? you just wanna keep whining? is this what you like? and you do not stop mallowing about studying medicine…this is something you do not like…this is what i mean …and yes stay around people….that is exactly your problem…you can not stay, it is not you do not like to…YOU CAN NOT ….
    and about the hatred thing , i forgot who said this but someone did: “if you can not hate, you can not love…it is a mere line” it is not totally true…but it is not wrong…

  3. You’re getting spanked hard next time I see you. I cannot stay around people..hmm… Ever thought that they cannot stay around me? I’ll still love you but you talk of nonsense. I just can’t stop thinking about this thingy Yuri once told me..too bad I can’t say it here

  4. well, you can not say what yuri said because it is wrong….it is easy to stay around people….be simple …that is it. you are feeling a little bit off…it is nothing …try real depressing and you will see how life sucks…

    be simple…be honest …you can be both, i am sure of that ….
    and people will be around…

  5. I’m talking two steps away and looking at the whole thing again.. hmm,hmm,hmm, hmm *takes one more step away* hmm,hmm,hmm.
    Humming can be funny..seriously funny. The main thingy around here is are we being serious about this? “It is easy to stay around people” No shit, you’re serious? I thought it was hard. Actually I was getting courses to help me with the issue and I’m even getting a (how to stay around people 102) course next semester.

    I know I’m feeling a little bit off (oO). The thing that Yuri told me is not wrong..it’s just offending to you and to many people even to me, but I could suck it. You know what’s really funny about it? It’s the fact that you could see it’s totally wrong but you still can’t say a thing about it. No it’s not wrong, it just supposes that perfection cannot be accomplished by fucktards. Getting off track here but the main idea is, you sometimes can be at a place where even the wisest of words do not bestow you with credibilty when talking about stuff.

    “Try real depressing and you will see how life sucks” Says Mr. who? I just hate talking about it. I’ve seriously been there. I even got dates for that. hours I spent calculating how much times I can twist my two fingers over each other, when I was bored to death but still refused to answer any calls, times when I made my own collection of human leather using a small knife, and times when I wanted to cry but couldn’t even though I was trying to force it out..That gives you a scary feeling. To be “unable” is an idea that’s so scary but I lived with it 20 years so far. It’s just life, seen days when I couldn’t stop laughing and days when I go home knowing I’m tightly locking the door and mourning my life.

    Two last things, you see how I wanted to take 2 steps back before talking about it? The same thing we used to do when solving maths stuff at the blackboard. If you do that you get a better view. If you take 40 steps away you are just way too far to see what’s happening and should be wise enough to close your mouth shut and not throw random numbers around.
    The last one thing, I’m happy I didn’t make it too personal, was hard enough

  6. haha…i am trying not to look wise…and i am not saying i was depressed …and i am not saying i know more than you do…i am just saying in conclusion of what i have seen in my life…and i have seen a lot..here, i saw a lot of people suffering …and i was always glad it did not hit me that bad…
    make it personal..it is personal..you are my brother and you are feeling down..it is personal for me..i want to help…i can not be there…but iswear i am telling the easiest way to solve it…
    send me what yuri said…and i willl be glad to discuss it ..
    i am gonna throw it out there…i am not an angel…so do not judge the way i behave…i am as much as others trying to get along…and it is not easy if you do not stop for a second…to see …to hear…to think…
    the last two days i was feeling bad …although i am having a great time..and i am staying in the Hyat Hotel in DC without paying anything…you know why? because i did not have time of thinking some stuff …they stay in your mind ….swirlling till you cant think….today i went out and sat in the lobby…how much time i stayed there is not important…it is the feeling that there is nothing behind your back …
    do you know why i am in DC having so much fun at low expenses….because i am honest …this is the only thing good i have…i am a jerk, competitive, insensitive..but i never lie
    see …you have to know that right things are hard to do…and even if you do them they might come back and bite you in the ass..i take this risk everyday in my life…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnot….this is why people here like me….and i am telling you there is no other reason..i am not rich, i am not a pimp, and i am not a drug dealer…
    do not be a hater….because then you wont love…if you want to be thick-headed ….then nothing can help you
    it is your problem, and no one can feel what you feel…try crying…screaming…it wont help….it will get you later…it is inside you..
    see what you hate and why? maybe some of the reasons are legit..
    people do not ask much..they ask for good company…and you can be one..anyone can be one

  7. Why is it always about people? Oo
    I can assure you by divine providence that it’s not about freaking people.
    Being honest.. I did laugh alot at reading this.
    I’m not answering because I couldn’t find anything to reply to. I remember in some movie/cartoon/story/w.e where there is a part when one of the characters starts talking what 7neity would call (eshi 7elo) which is nice strong words but when added together can only transfer the idea of (bullshit) to the reader/listener. The reply I remember was “You have lost your mind, (whoever). You speak in riddles”.

    I’m not gonna talk about me no more.. seen enough to make up a pattern to scale my stuff unto. I reckon the wisest thing for me to do is to just shut it.

    As for Silawi’s thingy.. (btw I had a dream where his name is written as Selawy, strange dream indeed). I have grown to feel that there are stuff others share with you as a privilege that they bestow upon you. It’s so against my personality to think high of what other peeps do but it just happened and I can remember many setting where me and someone else get through something (sometimes so silly) but I fail but to sanctify them. bla bla, I’m just not gonna tell you 😛

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