Not Again

Damn! I’m falling in the same state of mind I once were in. Going dark and depressed. Someone do something about it. I remember it hurt last time.. Don’t want to go through it again. I dunno who kept saying this but it really describes the situation “shit, shit, shit”

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5 thoughts on “Not Again

  1. Dude, snap out of it, find something u enjoy doing with use in this world, i mean besides WoW, find a good book, find a good thing to think about, and today i told my brothers about ur tea bag idea, my brother threatens you that if ya don’t paton it, he will be partners with ya or without ya and paton it himself, work on that SERIOUSLY and i think u need to do it in jordan then it may or maynot become universal. do it seriously dude, this thing can be much more useful than depressing stupid thoughts

  2. hey man…want my advice? DONT snap out of it!-sorry saad!- seriously man…i’m ready to do anything-not that :@- to get my old grumpy mood back…when i used to wear black and never talk…depressed and all that stuff…umm the good old days…its because in that mood u can think real good! u can hate ppl , why is that good? because u cant enjoy life with ppl in it! they mess everything i made some improvements by having shawermar elfares while it was raining…that is what i used to do back in the days, all i need now is some opeth music and i’ll be hating and kicking again!…now for the tea bag thing i have no idea what is that, but go for it as saad says..and remember…stay true and depressed! tc

  3. rainy weather is one depressing thing! it brings me back to those dark days that i love to think of but i hate to go back to! i just can’t remember how i snaped out of it! but it was with the help of someone that i really can’t 4get and i remember they were full of fights days, fights i can never forget like a civil war,like struggling be4 death then it all happened, the clouds vanished and i could see how shiny the world was! it is just the cloudy weather man! 2day all i was thinking of (i told u and yanal) was fights i had back at the school! so just imagin ur self a super hero going through bad times and bluffffff u’ll be out of it soon! 😀

  4. dude, think of a happy thing.don’t tell me you got none. you have plenty..sometimes when i’m down, i think of you and how bugged you are in DOTA,i know it’s childish, but DOTA gives me happy feelings, and you my friend are truely invincible.i think of the games that we won,how we beat hasan, and then he starts blabbing on and on,i think of the good times we had in jubilee, think of the drama class, or the music class, or how YOU were on top of saad for once(aqaba). i think you’ve got the idea. but dude, don’t ever be depressed, because when you laugh, you make me laugh, you make everyone laugh. and we really need to laugh.
    p.s: i’m not bullshitting, i would rather face anyone in DOTA rather than face you.
    p.p.s: are we still on for tomorrow or what?if it snows?

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