Warcraft Universe (1)

The World of Azeroth

The Warcraft Universe includes many worlds, connected by a chaotic vortex called the Twisting Nether. Travel between these worlds is a rare event, but it can be achieved by so-called portals.

Azeroth is an Earth-like planet, inhabited by a diverse array of species. Most of the action of the Warcraft games takes place on this planet. Azeroth’s land area consists of four large continents, Kalimdor, the Azeroth, Lordaeron and Northrend. These land masses are interspersed with a multitude of islands, most notably the Broken Isles, the Echo Isles and the largely unknown island which contains the briefly mentioned Goblin city of Undermine. There may be more landmasses in the world of Azeroth that are as yet unexplored   however, despite popular belief, there is no cow level-.


Capital cities
Darnassus   Night Elves
Exodar   Draenei
Gnomeregan   Leper Gnomes
Ironforge   Dwarves and Gnome survivors
Orgrimmar   Orcs and Jungle Trolls
Silvermoon   Blood Elves
Stormwind   Humans and High Elf refugees
Thunder Bluff   Tauren
Undercity   Forsaken Undead, formerly known as Lordaeron
Undermine   Goblins
Zul’Gurub   Jungle Trolls, under the control of Hakkar the Soulflayer
Azjol-Nerub   Nerubians, abandoned
Gun’Drak   Ice Trolls
Zul’Aman   Forest Trolls
Zul’Farrak   Sand Trolls

 Nation-States of Humans
Alterac   destroyed, under Ogre control
Gilneas   situation unknown
Stromgarde   mostly destroyed, under mixed Syndicate/Renegade Ogre/Stromgarde Cavalry control
Dalaran   mostly destroyed, under restoration by few survivors
Kul’Tiras   Administrated by Tandred Proudmoore, situation unknown
Lordaeron   destroyed, now under mixed Forsaken/Scourge control
Azeroth   destroyed by orcish horde, now rebuilt and more commonly referred to as “The Kingdom of Stormwind“-
Theramore Isle   newest human nation, led by Jaina Proudmoore

 Major cities
Dalaran   Effectively destroyed in Warcraft 3, few survivors erected a magical barrier to prepare for restoration/rebuilding
Stratholme   Currently under mixed Scourge/Scarlet Crusade control
Andorhal   Destroyed in Warcraft 3, currently under Scourge Control
Tyr’s Hand   Fell out of Alliance hands, into the control of the Scarlet Crusade
Caer Darrow   Effectively destroyed, base for the Scourge’s Cult of the Damned

Minor Cities
Hearthglen   Currently under Scarlet Crusade control
Darrowshire   inhabited by spirits
Everlook   Controlled by the Goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel
Ratchet   Controlled by the Goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel
Gadgetzan   Controlled by the Goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel
Booty Bay   Controlled by the Goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel

Tol Barad   Controlled by Dalaran mages

azeroth map


warcraft universe 


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  1. dudes this is i think a subject that most of us like! i named it with a serial name if u see! it indicates that am going (god willing) to post many other related things to warcraft randomly but they’ll cover everthing we like in warcraft! i collected the material from different sites on the internet!

    p.s. elune i await ur consule :d

  2. Oh dear God! I will underline this topic, highlight it, re-underline it twice and choose it as my favourtie thread for the year 2006!

    Let’s see, where can I start here:
    -These pieces of info are really nice. Maybe we could start telling the story of the landmark heroes one by one while explaining the environment, geography, history and politics surrounding them at each point of the story. Begin with Arthas>Illidian>Thrall>The first crusade> other stuff.
    – There are some incorrect info in this thread:
    1. Azeroth is not the same as the Kingdom of Stormwind. Azeroth is the whole world. Stormwind is the capital of the human survivors that fled from Lordaeron after prince Arthas went insane. It’s currently ruled by the young king Wyren and the Archmage Jaina Proudmoore.
    2. There’s another main isle not mentioned here which is Darnassus, the current capital of the Nightelves and the place where “Teldrassil” (the new tree of life) is currently being cultivated by the druids.
    3. There IS a cow level. I’ve seen it.. I’ve lived it.

    – Some basic info:
    Major races:
    -Humans, Stormwind is their capital and Theramore being their largest Colony in Kalimdor.
    – Dwarves, Ironforge is their capital. A vast underground city like Moria in LotR.
    – Nightelves, Darnassus is their capital. Lost their immortality as the tree of life was destroyed in the demonic crusade. Currently trying to rebuild it to purge their thirst for power. Subtle and agile race. (Think of a blue-skinned Legolas)
    -Gnomes: Gnomerigan is their Capital. Was invaded by radiated Troggs and the gnomes were forced out to live with the darves in Ironforge. A highly intellectual race, well-known for their machinery and engineering. (pretty short)
    -Undead (Forsaken): Built their Capital “The Undercity” underneath the ruins of Lordaeron the former capital of the humans. Lead by the Sylvannus Windrunner the undead elf who was damned by prince Arthas to never taste the rest of the dead. Escaped the dominion of the Lich king with some other undead and are seeking to bolster their numbers by those who are able to resist the Lich kings aura.
    – Orcs, Orgrimmar is their capital. The Orcs originally came form Exodar a world in another dimension but were summoned by their demon masters to invade Azeroth. They were defeated and the survivors settled in Kalimdor.
    -Tauren, Thunderbluff is their capital. Cows of warcraft! Mighty race that is tightly bound to their goddes the mother earth. Allies of the Orcish horde. Lead by Cairen Bloodhof.
    – Trolls, Originally from the Echo isles but been driven out of their country by the human invasion and were settled in Orgrimmar with the Orcs. Lead by Vol’jin the Vodoo Shaman.

    I just found a nice link to all that could interest you in the Azerothian lore.. The warcraft Encyclopidia:

    Have fun.. will keep updating

  3. i am reading these posts again , first time i read it i couldnt understand most of it ! like darnasuss and stormwind , but now hell ya i can 😀 , thanx so much yuri for these amazing articles and i’ll read them one by one.

    and remember , the forsaken rules!

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