Dude, Najeeb, i believe this site need this following features, and haytham essam is not allowed to comment on this:

The main page, jordanmafia.net gets  you no where. this need to be changed, there should be one button for gallary and one button for blog. u may say some people don’;t like their picture seen, well, tough nugget. not many strangers will go to site.

second thing, i got sick trying to remember what is the webpage for admin sign in. PUT A LINK. sometimes i access this site from other place than my house, and i don’t have this webiste saved on every pc in the uni

ok, those the main two issues i got with the site, and i forgot my gallery sign in and password.

have fun people 😀

i will try to upload a song, let’s see how’s that will go

oops, rememebred i am not on my pc, don’t have the song here

and i got idea for the polls, apparently my suitemates thinks jessica simpson is awesome look girl, i disagree, i wanna do a vote on that, espeiclaly if we compared it to many cuter girls

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One thought on “Upgrades

  1. The comments master is back in town! Let’s see.. Here’s what I honeslty think:
    – About the main page thingy getting you nowhere: Valid, I talked to Najeeb about it earlier but he obviously has other more important things to do. I will try to change it but I’m afraid I will cause serious damage.
    – About the gallery thingy: There’s already a link in the side bar to the gallery in case you never noticed it. People getting upset because strangers can get to see their pictures send me a tell.. I could really use a good laugh!
    – As for the admin url.. how about this one:
    Easier to remember? Stop wining about it. It’s not hard, it’s just that you’re a dumbass.
    – I’m already on the Jessica Simpson poll thingy but seriously I think she has a deformed skull. XzeeR would always choose you Saad or a goat over Jessica Simpson! People vote on the poll plz. Btw, how come your roommate thinks Jessica is hot when you’ve told me he’s gay?!

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