What can possibly attract you to a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)

The social part of such games is always ignored. Let me prove to you why an online “Solitaire” game would be nice:

These are whispers I got from different peeps all over my gameplay that were so funny I can never possibly forget them:

-“Brb, need to babysit my sister’s dog. She’s going to weewee”

-“My mom dropped a plate of Spaghetti on my head by mistake. Now I’ll stink till Friday’s shower…”

-“My gf wants to give the game a try.. *sigh* Good luck all with your real lives and the game. I’m gonna quit”

-“Yeti?” I answered “sorry, what?” he whispered “Why would you possibly want a yeti?”

-“My mom always go to bed before me”

“To make it warm?”

“Nah, she just makes it smell better”

-I whispered some guildmaster “Are you currently recruiting shamans?”


“Cool! what do I have to do to get in?”

“Well, you have to like long beach walks, enjoy guild showers, have a decent healing gear and do me an IRL (in real life) lap dance”

“err..ty, just decided to delete the shaman”

-“Can my mother come to the raid?”

“Sure, what’s her class?”

“She’s a milk vending machine!”

-“What are we raiding tonight?”

“Battoussai’s house probably”

– Raidleader: “Why did you have to go brb when we have already pulled Onyxia?”

Senn: “Err… I was wanking?”

Raidleader: “And how come Angelic knew about this? OMG… get the fuck out of my guild!”

– some random guy on the trade channel: “WTB (want to buy) a mother! Preferably with 2 strong sons”

-Chatting on Teamspeak with a nice 45 yrs old lady in the UK. She plays world of warcraft and has 2 kids:

“Finally, I can now raid after 12 o’clock”

“Nice, what happened?”

“I put my children in a daycare center”

“You chose world of warcraft over your kids?!!”

“No, they chose the day care center over me!”

-Daffy: “Paintotem, you got my father invited to the guild?!”

Me: “Yes, glad to have him here”

Daffy: “He’ll get us all wtfpwned mate. He’s a freaking noob!”

2 minutes later Guild message of the day read:”No alts or fathers are allowed into the guild”

Me: “Sorry Bigzeus, it’s the rulez”

Bigzeus: “Tom, me and you are going anal tonight!”

>>Bigzeus has been kicked out of the guild by Paintotem<<

– Some boss called Ragnaros yells some stuff when we summon it. It goes like:

Ragnaros: “Too Soon! You have awakened me too soon, Executus.”

Some guy in the raid: “That’s not what your sister said when we did her last night!”

-“Can you give me 3 minutes? Dog has been out and somehow she stepped on her own dump and has been walking around the house”

-Back at my hunter we had a 12 yrs old girl as the only druid in the guild. Both her father and her mother also played the game. her name was lydia:

Me: “Mark, can u please make Lydia get on her druid? We’re already 15 minutes late for the raid”

Father (Mark): “Nope, She’s grounded”

Me: “C’mooooon, we really need to do UBRS today! What did you ground her for?”

Father: “She ninjad the Zulian headress (some item) from me and when me and Jane (her mother) were trying to make her give back the item she called us noobs!”

– Some random low lvl whispered me: “Can you give me some gold plz?”

Me: “Nope”

Him: “You ************************************” to my surprise it was all kinds of curses but in arabic!

Me: “-.- I’m from Jordan”

him: “Take 5 gold and not report me?”

-Pogo: “I need to get a speed hax software for the game”

Mathos: “You can get banned in the game for that”

Me: “Anyone knows where I can download a free Adobe photoshop from?”

Mathos: “Mate!! You can get banned in real life for that!!”

-Lxyz: “Pisst.. I will give you 20gold if you give me the note (50cent4life)”

Me: “Sorry..that’s against my religion!”

– “Kawwai goes back in time and molests your childhood!”

-“No dude, you are the homo!”

-While raiding past midnight and all the guys are going sleepy..:

“Why did the small girl want to cross the road?”

“Please tell us, Lyrical”

“Because she wanted to get to the other side!”

“That does it.. Lyrical is banned from my life and ofc out of the raid”

>>Lyrical has been kicked out of the raid<<

>>Lyrical has been kicked out of the guild by Battoussai<<

Many many more things that are total fun and ofc much funnier while still fresh and when you have a basic understanding of how the game works. The most impressive ones are a little too offensive to be posted here.. email me and I will share them with you 😀

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  1. hey :D..i know its pretty late to ask this but can u email me the offensive ones :D…i didnt read this post last time but its really hilarious! specially the grounded little girl hehe…wish i played the game ..

  2. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title can possibly attract you to a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) – Jordan Mafia – – The Chronicles of the Survivors. Thanks for informative article

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