10 reasons why I should quit life

1- It’s boring anyways

2- Today is the same as yesterday with a partial change in temperature

3- The best guild in my world of warcraft realm got disbanded 5 days after I joined them

4- I quit DotA too and DotA >>> Life so..

5- I hate what I’m studying

6- I never “did” it, which makes me wonder if I should wait a little bit more

7- My maintenance costs are pretty high considering the community average

8- Life is boring

9- I don’t even care if I shouldn’t quit it so that adds to me quitting it but then I can’t care less about quitting it so….errrm….Let me think about this a little bit more

10- I know you..



“10/92658925 reasons acquired

Need 92658915 more reasons to initiate self-destruction sequence”

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14 thoughts on “10 reasons why I should quit life

  1. If you don’t know what “did it” means then you are beyond the reach of help. Sorry, you’ll have to ask someone else or start watching more “That 70’s show”.

  2. man even if u “did it”..u’ll be shocked that it sux and then there will be no other reason to live…fa take my advice dont do it!…

  3. congratulation , you have found 10 reasons , i can give you a 1,000,000. last one was saturady we i lost in Dota 4 time because of you and your sniper , gess what , you have now 9 reasons while i have 1,000,001.

  4. congratulation , you have found 10 reasons , we all have them 2 , maybe more , last one was saturday when you won 4 on me times .

  5. 1- I never played a sniper on Saturday
    2- I din’t win 4 times.. they were 3 times
    3- You too joined the best guild in your WoW realm and got it disbanded too?! What a coincidence..
    4- Remember how I keep telling you that you are a “3awwayeh”.. you are, dude!

    As for you XZeeR, I will have to assume that you are talking out of personal experience. Please share the details with us. I guess everbody on these forums would like to be enlightened by the very own personal experience of the mighty XZeeR of doing it.

  6. sry XZeeR but it seems like u did it with a goat!!! lol am just kidding! but ya u can share whatever u had did be4 with the guys! if there is any media available ,,, plz post it! 😀

  7. maybe some people like you who make me see everything in this life so bad , i’m living with it but you are the one who is talking about why should quit life . if you are saying so , why are doing this to us (me) ?
    (You too joined the best guild in your WoW realm and got it disbanded too?! What a coincidence..) : ) ?
    thanks for“3awwayeh”
    p.s. i broke my tooth yesterday at 8:30 pm , do you think i found a dentist that time .

  8. I dunno. You tell me, did you find a dentist? >:) I never said that I should quit life. I was just compiling a data base on reasons that made me quit/continue with my life. So far it’s + on the continue side. So, I will be bugging you a little bit longer

  9. hey guys….seriously sorry for not responding to this thread….i didnt keep an eye on this one [ msg to najeeb : can u add a keep an eye button ?? or atleast highlight the newly updated threads? ] ….as for ” doing it ” nop i didnt do it with a goat…though that would be nice ! -sighs-!
    but i really dont understand whats the big deal about sex…yeah u’ll get to do stuff to a living thing but there will be consequences…terrible ones! so if ur ready to blow ur life away just to blow ur head then DO IT ……
    P.S: now IF u do it..take a photo or a make a video :D…

  10. NAJEEB, I WANT MY QUOTE BUTTON ON THIS BLOG NOW! I just can’t live without it : (
    -No XzeeR, you can’t sigh.. Not in real life, not on the forums so I will just erase it.
    – Doing it does NOT equal having sex. There are many other things to “doing it” than just having sex. You need another crash course in (That 70’s show) so contact me ASAP. And doing it with a goat doesn’t count btw.
    – Can I ask what will the terrible consequences be? Well, apart from the idea that you’re taking a shortcut to hell ofc.
    -IF I do it >>> I will make sure that it will be properly documented because I know such stuff can be as rare as spotting a UFO or aknowledging the fact that you actuallh have some kind of intelligence and non will believe if I come lacking enough evidence.

    I stopped wondering what became of that goat that used to live in our neighbour’s backyard.

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