i’ve had this revelation because i always take the bus, it’s full of smoke, i hate smoking. in fact, i think smokers should die (or be killed, if i can get away with it) because they are killing me with their disgustiing fumes. in the future ( GOD willing) when i have all the money i need, i was thinking of investing with haytham in a hospital that only treats non smokers, because if they are throwing away their health and contaminating the society, they should not live at all.

p.s: anyone who disagrees with me is a dumbass.

p.p.s: the above does not apply to you haytham, nor you seelawi nor you saad, actually, it’s just you malik.

i feel my time is up. i have incredible neck aches, so [yanal hugs and kisses everyone wherever they want it, tongues malik and wishes he had more “alone time” with him].

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3 thoughts on “smoking

  1. So basically all we’re gonna do is force Malik into smoking, build the hospital, not allow Malik in for treatment, and finally send Saad to beat Malik till death?

    You got my vote there!

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