Don’t-care smilies

I’ve been taking a new approach on how to understand the meaning of the smilies typically used by peeps. Let’s take a look at some examples. The upcoming smilies are used by me as serial answers to someone talking about some boring thingy:

-.-    “I look like I care?”

: )    “Does he think that I care?!”

😀    “LOL! He really thinks that I care”

>: (  “That’s it, I really don’t care”

:O    “OMG!! I’m starting to care”

Oo    “So weird and interesting.. I’m calling the care-police in a second”

XD    “LOL at those who would care about this”

:S     “Care-confused”

: /     “Member in the carebears club”

<3     "I'd love to care.. I just can't" : P       "Has nothing to do with caring. Just an ordinary tongue-teasing smily" >.>     “Look there..someone is caring on the ground!”

>.<      "Angry >>> I can care less tbh”

@>-|–     “I just love you. Doesn’t mean that I care though”


and finally I couldn’t care less if this thread is interesting, easily-understood or makes any sense. Call 911 and ask for the care deprtment and report me.

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