Revenge tastes…of arachnoids?!

3 years ago when we were stillat 12th grade I was taking a nab after some stressful day that ended in a fight with my parents. I was so (as would be described by Najeeb) unstable. I woke up sometime later. My mental status was the same. So, I opened my eyes and there was a spider hanging from the ceiling! A little crispy spider that was 5cm away from scoring a successful landing. I was so pissed to see it there. I can easily say that I was enraged by its sight! I wanted it to redeem itself, to feel my wrath, to have my revenge. I opened my mouth and *gulp* it was down in my belly!! It tasted of rejoice, victory and sweet revenge! Spiders can be very tasty after all..

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  1. this new theme is nice! servus when are u going to fill the “about” section??? we are waitting! and Elúne صحتين Ùˆ عافية! 😉

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