Are we racists?

Well, i am asking that because my suitemate had to interview me and along the talk i told him that how in jordan people hate saudis in general. i don’t because i know many cool ids from there, i mainly met them here. anyway he was saying that this is considered racisim, even if it is a really low level. and to be honest, i hate to admit it, but we have some superior feeling on each other and downard feeling toward foriegns. i always heard people trash talk other arab countries and complim,ent jordan, then they trash jordan when complimenting foriegn countries. is this conisdered racisim or “3asabiyah jaheli”? So what do YOU think??

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7 thoughts on “Are we racists?

  1. not exactly! but it is that we share the same language and many other things such as religon and so on! but there are a little bit different and that what makes us feel like we are the origin and the others are copies! another point is that guys look at these guys as foes! u know they think that girls like them for their money and brand new cars and that they don’t deserve it! this is how many guys look at the saudis! but i don’t feel that our people have true hatered for them!

  2. Stinky subject..all shut it
    Ask your friend about what he thinks about Jordanians to begin with. So controversial (however it’s written) that I don’t want to get into it.

  3. Unfortunately yes we are racist sometimes! ok not all of us! But some arabs think they are better that other arabs just because they got the “oil” and they got the “brain”! and from my experience in the USA the word “hate” is a very strong one to use so you have to be careful when to use it, and I do not think it reflect the arabic word of كراهية . (Kraheah).

  4. Well, I guess Saad realizes the meaning of “hate” and its proper use since he’s been in the states for some time now. And imo I think he actually didn’t mean “karaheah”, he meant “hate”! Anyways, your argument is valid: Some of us are racists including myself but I try to reasonate my act of being a “racist” by the actual thingies that are going around and about that racism event. I mean I will always act as a racist if that certaing guy from that certain country thinks he can “out-cool” me in his fancy car or top-notched labtop! I will usually just smile at him or laugh if I’m really excited about it and that’s me being a racist.. Other’s won’t do just that and their behaviors are totally “explained” and would go into the eye-for-an-eye category!

    Nerf comments..

  5. Hi, whats goin on fellas? I accidently came across this website.
    I just want to comment on this racism subject. I believe racism can have different levels, but when it comes to us jordaniansi dont think its racism at all. Its pride! We have our pride and alot of it, no proud to be a Jordanian, and any true citizen loyal to his country will be pround of that fact. Yet, we cant allow our pride blind us from understanding that there are other people on this earth. But when it comes to my country they have a line they cant cross at any cost! Every country and its people are proud of themselves, and this natural.
    I respect what you’re doin here gents and encourage it, i also live in the states been here since 2001! But i dont understand the whole queen thing though…

  6. hey Mo welcome to the site…i think saad said it , its 7ameyyet al jaheleyyah NOT pride…its not pride when u shut ur mind on ” jordan first” and never open it again…and even if it is pride its wrong….the only thing worth being proud of is islam..not even being arab or anything else…dont want to make this a big comment because its been said alot ….and for the queen thing its just a theme and we like it…we dont have any idea who the queen is :S…queen of ants? 😉

  7. First, I think that you need to look up the difference between racist and nationalist. With racist, you are talking about two different races; which is not the case. We are both Arabs so that means we are from the same race

    To conclude, what I said: some are nationalist while others are not. (Stereotyping is also another problem with Jordanians). Being discriminatory on any basis except deen is a sign of ignorance in my opinion. If you find that you’re better than others then you need to seek knowledge.

    To conclude my conclusion: nationalism, racism and arrogance is a product of ignorance.

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