6 thoughts on “One … Please

  1. Dude, why u omitted the option to see who posted what?? it was awesome, and u say wow, do u mean she is beautiful? or wow on the frickles? or on what??? she is not bad looking, but a definite not a WOW pretty, even my friend who looked at her said she is scary, she is looking right at you. i expect malik or Severus to have posted this, i am more biased toward malik

  2. Dude, she is a perfect Red head , with perfect lips , perfect face , and the freckles on her face makes her Unresistable ….., with the perfect eyes

    mabey U in US , are used to such a thing, bs the rest poor of us here , 🙁

    again i say “One to go , please”

  3. 5 comments, 1 thread.. I can feel the passion already

    /target Abu_shakuush

    Severus, we need to talk again about how perfect a perfect thingy should be. This is by far the most un-perfect perfect-called non perfect.

    Btw, being an admin owns.. I still can see who posts what 😀

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