Snap out of it

lately i have been to many people who are feeling down (including myself). The problem there is no real reason to be feeling like that. The real motive is our music choice. We keep playing depressing songs till it get us. Snap out of it. there are many depressing songs that can control you. “Adam’s song,” for me, is the most depressing song i have ever heard and anytime i listen to it i feel sad. “Hurt,” “How to save a life,” and “panic” are the same thing. you wanna feel different? stop listening to this type of music. Do not convince yourself that life is full of misery. Do not live these songs. Of course once you start listening to these songs you are feeling bad and you do not feel like keeping up with life. I say delete these songs. these songs are extra blocks in our lives and if we stop listening to them, we will surely feel better.

there are many happy good songs. By the way i am talking about arabic and english songs. Music has a huge influence on our lives. you have the choice to make negative or positive.

Live Happy

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One thought on “Snap out of it

  1. While agreeing with the main idea I have to disagreee with the examples you used im your post. “Adam’s song”, how come this song makes you feel bad. It’s actually literally says that things can go bad but in the end will be better. LEARN TO LISTEN! As for the other ones I really don’t know them except for “Panic” which really depends on your attitude while listening to it. You don’t have an idea about what I think of while listening to it 😀

    And nah.. Arabic music can’t fail at making me feel depressed. It’s not the music, it’s not the lyrics..It’s all about how dumb the subject is (which proves to be dumber and dumber as we move on with the song). Maymoon spammed me a lot lately with arabic stuff…Bad

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