“Do you want me to sit in a corner and rust or just fall apart where I’m standing?”

I dont think that “We keep playing depressing songs” , is what gives us the depressing it self, i think that when we feel sad , we try to look for solace in these song..

but when u feel “UnHappy” ur unhappy, its not the song , its not the ppl, even Food doesnt make you feel the other way around

for the past 3 year , thinking happy was always with “Hey Mickey” song.. and you know that, bs these days it didnt Help, even the song “Man of constant sorrow” from the movie “Oh Brother,where art thou? ” didnt give me the “OK” feeling back.

PS: all the songs and the lyrics can be found here http://jordanmafia.net/blog/the-beeb

its the feeling which makes us look for those songs, or lsn to them more and more, i remember that i found “Gloomy Sunday – Sarah Brightman” which is called ‘Hungarian Suicide Song‘ – click on the link and read more , or Google it for more info – in one of these times

3ala kolen

another news, i’ve created a new page for songs , if some one needs a song just tell me, or some one want to share a song, uploaded it, or send it to me and ill help U doing that

at the end i quote Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Marvin: “And then of course I’ve got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.”
Arthur: “Is that so?”
Marvin: “Oh yes. I mean I’ve asked for them to be replaced, but no one ever listens.”
Arthur: “I can imagine” –

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