What u r doin now?

I am in ECE332 class “intorduction to microproccessor” it is a revision class, so i like to do something useful during it. this a test post. i want to take this chance to advertise for the lovely tv show “lost” it is pretty nice. yesterday i just finished the first season.

yesterday my suitemate challenged me to drink 1 full gallon of milk within an hour and not throw up after it. i accepted the challenege, and i failed miserabley, i wasn’t able to finish it in an hour, and i throw up after the hour. and at night my stomach had alot of pressurized gases which i am freeing continously, they don’t smell.

i am planning to take the challenge another day, but inshalalh i will do it as my ftoor, so my stomache will be completely empty. and haitham essam is a really curse for dota players, and haitham seelawy is an awesome good charm for dota players, ask yanal and malik.

have fun dudes, and keep blogging

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