My band of the Week


I’ll be updating this thread on weekly basis with my favourite band of the week:

October 14th-20th, 2006: 

 Nirvana  “The finest day that I’ve ever had.. Was when I learned to cry on command”

5 thoughts on “My band of the Week

  1. Responding to 7annoo6’s comment, from next week on the band of the week will be chosen by votes. I’m pretty sure not many will vote so after all it’ll be my call 😀

    Anyways, I will be taking suggestions every week on what bands are to be voted on for the next week. Send/reply/comment with your favorite band of the week.

    A poll will be held in the same thread and will show what bands are to be voted on and how many votes each earned so far.

    [Whispers to Najeeb] Dude, you better start working on some “poll” addon for the website or we’re doomed..

  2. KK all, Najeeb as always has proved to be useful in stuff besides vanquishing Shawerma and wreaking havoc between the salads line. The poll system is already up and a test “favorite band” poll is available at the side bar. Please prove to be useful yourself and provide us with feed back.

    It’s really impressive. I requested the poll system at 9:06 and it was up at 9:43. Keep up the good job Najeeb!

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