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October 17th, 2006


6amimi.. It’s been some long time since I last saw this human. Maybe it was 4 months ago at my place. I still got pictures of that day (night). 6amimi, 7neity, Sa3ed and myself sleeping at the sophas with Sa3ed over energized and taking pics of us in the weirdest of positions. I was disappointed he couldn’t make it to the F6oor, he had exams and the traffic was a pain. He had all kinds of good reasons not to come. Anyways, His news have been rare. Ya man, are you still there? El 3eed 3al bab.. Sharrefna 3ala 3aman aw bengazzezak fi el Zarqa. It’s your choice. We’ve got 9 days and I’m planning on seeing lots of you man during them. He will always stay both the man of the class and the front door matt at the same time.

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