Do not worry….be happy

Life is not an easy place, no one said it is. The closer we get to meet life, working and leaving our families shadows, the more life hits us harder. Do not worry…be happy. You might live one, two, or more bad days, but everytime look around you. There is always someone to make you feel better. Wether someone who tells you can do it when you consider giving up. Or, someone who comforts you, and even lies to you, when you are feeling down. Or simply someone who laughs to your stupid jokes.

Do not worry…be happy.

take a second in the morning and look at the sun. Greet the clouds and the birds. Smile even you do not feel like to, just to start your day. Be ready to lose some of your battles, but do not doubt your ability. Take a deep breath. Appreciate the people around because they can help you anytime. And believe that every time you close your eyes at night, a new day is coming…so are new opportunities.

Do not be afraid to cry…let it out…

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